Westlands Chess Club Hosts it's First Junior Event

Westlands Chess Club Hosts it's First Junior Event

The newest kid on the block Westlands Chess Club (WeCC) has decided that it is time to make a big impression on the chess front by organising its first junior event.  I wish them best of luck................  Many of you will wonder what on earth is going on and what is so special about junior chess events in Kenya.

Well these junior events in Kenya have been totally dominated by the national federation - Chess Kenya.  Nobody has dared to organise a junior event in Nairobi due to the extreme influence on parents by certain BigWigs of Chess Kenya.

The event is being held at Coffee World, Westlands and so far 21 entries have been confirmed.

I do hope to pass by this weekend and will post some photos of the event.

Update on the Chess Kenya AGM

Steve Ouma contemplates his move during a recent event
Gosh a lot happens in one week in Kenya.

You will remember that Mary Kanyua resigned in a huff and puff about 2 weeks ago. Well last week another committee member Steve Ouma (see photo on the left from the 2010 Olympiad selection event held on 6th February 2010 at the Sandton Hotel, Nairobi) stated that he will not be standing for any post during the forthcoming AGM.

Things seem to be getting hot for the current office bearers.  Last week the petitioners were asked to present their case to the Commissioner of Sports Mr Gordon Oluoch.  A few days later he met with officials from Chess Kenya.

Crunch date is 5th April 2012 when both officials from Chess Kenya and petitioners meet the Commissioner of Sports.  This is crazy as the National Championship and Olympiad selection tournament is supposed to start on 6th April 2012 and run over Easter.  That is another story about the National Championship.

Mary Kanyua was the coordinator of the event and now that she has resigned nobody is sure if the event is going ahead or not.

I told you that we may not be strong in chess but our politics is hot hot hot!!!.

I also got my notice for the AGM and this means that I will be there in the thick of things reporting live as the action happens!!

The strange thing is that I have not seen any team being formed to contest the elections? Or perhaps they feel that there will be no elections?

The Giant Chess Puzzle Book by Zenon Franco

The past two weeks have been hectic as usual.  Lots of things happening in Kenya where the game of chess is concerned. More of that a bit later.

I had to order the ABSRM music exam book for my son as we were unable to obtain them in Nairobi.  The best place for books is www.amazon.com and I immediately place the order with music flash cards and of course one chess book. Why waste on postage!

I took  a long time to decide which book on tactics should I order and decided to choose "The Giant Chess Puzzle Book" by Zenon Franco.  I had seen some chess players in Nairobi with it.  I must admit that I was very happy when it arrived.  I think it is a great book and would highly recommend it.  The book cost GBP 14 and the postage was GBP 14.

This book must be number 150 in my library!!  I reckon that this is the biggest chess library in Kenya.  I have a list somewhere which needs to be updated.

I have a chess set on our coffee stool which is used almost every day.  Not exactly in the way I want it to be used but I decided that I need to get my kids to look at chess as an enjoyable activity rather than a chore.  I have over the past year or so spent about 5 to 10 minutes a day looking at a chess position and trying to find out the solution.  This serves two purposes.  My kids think that this is not too bad as it takes very little time and it gives me a chance to use the different chess sets that I have.

So far the kids love the positions from the book

Chess Kenya face a double check from Mary!

Things are moving fast and furious!

Remember the drama between Chess Kenya BigWig Ambasi and Committee Member Mary Kanyua which I reported on earlier?  Well Mary Kanyua has now resigned from the committee and send us all a letter. Details of which can be found on the Kenya Chess Forum - https://groups.google.com/group/kenya-chess-forum/browse_thread/thread/788629eb3009704a?hl=en

The Charming Mary Kanyua of Chess Kenya

Eldoret Chess Championship

Well guys it is now over.  The Eldoret Chess Championship  (or it was called Northrift International Chess Tournament or Ambasi International Tournament or whatever).  One of Kenya's top players Peter Gilruth decimated the opposition with a perfect 6/6 score to collect a cool KShs 30,000 as the top prize.  Second prize was KShs 7,000 and third was KShs 4,000.

Peter Gilruth in a photo taken sometime ago

Eldoret Chess Tournament - update and the most amazing fight off the chess board!!

Eldoret Chess Tournament - update and the most amazing fight off the chess board!!

I have managed to find the information I was looking for.  This is the cross-table for the men's event and the ladies event.  It is sad that only 21 players made it with about 12 Ugandans.  This should have been a huge event with a 1st prize of KShs 30,000.

Anyway chess players in Kenya are being given ring side tickets for the most amazing Chess Kenya Committee fight.  On one side we have the Chairman Andolo Ambasi (who is the sponsor of this event) and on the other side the charming Mary Kanyua who is an Executive Member.


I know many of you must be wondering what is going on with this event which started today in Eldoret

Well my reports from the ground say that there are 12 Ugandans and 6 Kenyans taking part.  That is pathetic - not just the numbers but the fact that we do not have any news on the event.  This is typical Chess Kenya - no interest in publicity of their events.

2012 Kenya National Youth Championship - Phase 1

On 29th February 2012 this was the email that I got from Chess Kenya with all the details of this event.

I must admit that I was pleasantly surprised to find that the event attracted 170 kids from all walks of life.  That for Kenya is huge.  The venue was equally spectacular and I share some photos with you.

View of Brookhouse School, located in Langata/Karen in Nairobi.  Yes it is built like a castle!

Chess Players in Kenya deliver double check to Chess Kenya officials!!

Chess Players in Kenya deliver double check to Chess Kenya officials!!

Politics within the small but enthusiastic chess community in Kenya has just taken a dramatic turn once again when a small band of petitioners presented their case to the Minster of Sports.  This is the first time that the Minister has been petitioned by chess players.



In my earlier post I had mentioned that there was this event that was coming up soon.  Well the dates are now changed from 14th to 18th March to run from 16th to 18th March 2012.  This event is organised by Chess Kenya and sponsored by Andolo Ambasi who is the Supremo of Chess Kenya.

Kenyan chess makes it into main stream media and on to Chessbase!! WOW

I guess this has been a good week for Kenyan chess.

We had two articles in the national newspapers - The first article appeared in the Daily Nation which is the Kenya biggest newspaper and then also in The Star which provided 2 colour photos as well

I am happy that chess is back in main stream media.

The big story was when Chessbase published the story of Nairobi Chess Clbu playing Team Uganda. OK it was only on their German site but hey - chess is making progress in Kenya!!

See the link - http://www.chessbase.de/nachrichten.asp?newsid=12710.

Daa'im Shabaaz left takes on Akello Atwoli at the Checkmates Chess Club in Downtown Nairobi

Daa'im posing with chess players from Kenya. From left Mehul Gohil, unknown, Githinji Hinga, Daa'im, Akello Atwoli, Martin Oyamo
In fact www.chessbase.com is my best chess site followed by www.thechessdrum.net which is maintained by Daa'im Shabaaz who visited Nairobi on 17th May 2010.  I got chance to meet him and took him to see some chess action at the now defunct "Checkmates Chess Club".

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