The Art Of Planning In Chess - Move By Move

I decided to order "The Art of Planning in Chess - Move by Move" by Neil McDonald the other day and decided that I will share my thoughts with you.

Pocket Chess Set From Germany

One of the sets that I have used many times when I was a kid was given to me as a present when I was around 12 years old well that is almost 40 years ago.

We had a family friend who had travelled to Germany for work and he knew that I was crazy about chess and he bought this for me.  I still treasure it like the first time I laid my eyes on it.  Here are some of the photos to show you.

The pieces are magnetic & felted.  I love the details on the pawns who look like Roman Centurions! 

Fireball Hits Kenyan Chess

The Kenya National Speed Chess Tournament at the Nairobi Gymkhana got off to a fiery start on Saturday morning with a total of 110 players competing in the two categories – Open and Junior Section.

Nigel Short Due To Visit Nairobi Shortly!

All chess players in Kenya are now eagerly waiting for GM Nigel Short to come over to Kenya next weekend.  Information is scanty as usual and the only information that we have is the following poster.

Kisumu Town Pulls Off Major Chess Event

The lake side town of Kisumu on the weekend of  27th & 28th June 2015 hosted a fantastic and well attended event at the Scottish Tartan Hotel.

Tournament Chessmen By Lowe

We are all familiar with chessmen made by Spears when we were kids and the other usual ones that you find in chess tournaments all over the world.

In one of my earlier I have a blog story about the Rajah Skah chess set which is also made of plastic.

When my friend left Kenya to go and settle in cold Canada he gave me a chess set which I never paid much attention to and it was kept in the cupboard for many years.  The other day I opened it and decided that hey - this is a cool looking set.  It is made by Lowe and seems to be very rare and you can only find them on

I like the feel and the design of the chessmen and use it once in  a while.

Here are some of the photos.

Pieces have felt and are weighted

Interesting Chess Books By GM Judit Polgar & GM Rios

Once in a while my chess addicted friend Mehul asks me to order books for him which I gladly do as I get a chance to see some nice chess books before I pass them over to him.

This time there were two interesting books for "Wood Pushers" like me.   The first one was "How I beat Bobby Fischer's record" by Judith Polgar and the other was "Chess Structures A Grandmaster Guide" by Chilean GM Maricio Flores Rios.

A bit more about GM Rios - he combines his career as a chess player and trainer and hold on for this - he is doing his PhD studies in Mathematics at the University of Minesota.  How the heck guys do this.  Become a GM and yet have another interesting life.  I can only dream about things like this.

I guess life as a veteran "Wood Pusher" is really no fun!

Here are some photos from the two books.

I never got chance to review the Judit Polgar book due to time constraints.  However the book is hardcover, paper quality is fantastic and the photos great.  Judith has some interesting anecdotes to go with the games.

2015-2016 Kenya National League Starts!

The highly anticipated 2015-16 Kenya National Chess League got off to a thunderous start last week where a total of 18 teams confirmed participation.

2014-15 Kenya National League Winners KCB Lions were one of the first teams to register, together with Equity Bank,  Eastlands Chess Club, Deadly Bishops, University of Nairobi, Tritonite Stars, Kenyatta University, Checkmates Chess Club

Making their debut will be Kenya Alliance Insurance Company, Thika University and Kisii County Chess Club.  Nairobi Chess Club return to the event after sitting out last year’s edition due to the very poorly run 2013-14 edition where delays, postponements were the order of the day.  To add insult to injury Nairobi Chess Club who came out 3rd in a bitterly fought contest were awarded a trophy that was clearly used, broken and without any plaque.

During last year’s edition KCB signed on Harold Wanyama from Uganda as their board 1 to support their team which also included reigning Kenya National Champion Ben Magana.  This year KCB went further to sign on Ivy Amoko of Uganda as their top lady player.

The bidding war had started and Equity startled the chess fraternity when they announced their line up to include 3 very strong Ugandan players for their top 3 boards;

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